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Operating under the Technology Integration Branch in support of the CASCOM G3.

The team develops in-house distributed learning computer, web-based and mobile application courseware and training products; virtual and gaming training simulations within the software and hardware capabilities of the organization. SCoE Mobile serves as the lead for researching and developing mobile applications and other emerging training/technology products. Provides support during the development of training products using new technology strategies and devices.

Responsibilities and Functions:

Promote the concept of using technology to enhance training and education in support of the SCoE proponent schools. Plan for the emergence, acquisition, evaluation and incorporation of new instructional technologies and recommend appropriate hardware and software platforms to improve and enhance delivery of existing training. Support all efforts pertaining to mobile security, policy and planning, hardware and software acquisition and management for emerging technology.

In-House App Development
94+ Completed Mobile Apps

Currently 80,000 downloads from 23 Apps in three platforms (Windows Mobile, IOS App Store Android Google Play)

In-House IMI Development
35+ Completed IMI Development Products

In-House Modile Development (For internal distribution)
6+ Completed iBook products

In-House HDVideo Development
32+ completed products

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