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The Planning Data Branch (PDB) executes CASCOM's mission from TRADOC and the Army G4 to serve as the Army agency responsible for collecting, developing, maintaining, validating, and distributing all logistics planning data used for Army operational planning, force structuring/organizational design, and rapid response requirements to actual warfighting requirements. Our charter comes from AR 700-8, Logistics Planning Factors and Data Management.

PDB develops factors for all Classes of Supply (I, II, III(B), III(P), IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, Mail, Water, and Ice).

Planning Data Branch Overview


The factors that PDB develops are approved by the Army G4 and are used in DOD, Joint, and Army Service planning, programming, and budgeting. PDB supports a variety of customers to include Total Army Analysis (TAA) and the Joint Logistics Factors File (LFF). PDB uses several means to distribute the planning factors, with the main tool being Operational Logistics (OPLOG) Planner. This tool is a simple to use, stand-alone program that gives estimated unit, mission, and/or overall level consumption for each class of supply including water, ice, and mail by unit, sub unit, operation, or mission. All logistics supply estimate reports can be printed in MS Word or exported to MS Excel. OPLOG Planner can be downloaded from AKO at: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/files/38799138

PDB also develops several additional estimation tools to distribute the information. These tools can be downloaded from AKO at: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/files/39242771

• Quick Logistics Estimation Tool (QLET): A lighter, quicker version of OPLOG Planner that provides estimated requirements for one or multiple SRCs for each class of supply.

• Platform Calculator: Estimates how many pallets and specific vehicles are needed to carry a given quantity of supplies.

• Food and Water Tool: Allows selection of different meal plans for specific populations and allows the user to go into more detail with the food and water requirement.

• Class III(B) Estimation Tool: Allows the user to estimate requirements, by LIN, by changing the usage of the fuel burning equipment.

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