Supply and Maintenance Assessment and Review Team


Examine all ideas to streamline and improve unit-level logistics support, particularly within a division and at field level.


Streamline and improve unit level logistics support through a single source logistics suggestion program.


  1. Soldiers (Active, Reserve, and National Guard), DA Civilians, and contractors complete the SMART Suggestion Form (to include suporting documentation and pictures). Suggestions should identify unnecessary and complicated directives which create burdens on organizational related logistics and contain a recommendation to eliminate, modify or improve unit level logistics.
  2. Submit completed form with supporting documents to SMART.
  3. CASCOM SMART receives suggestions, verifies completeness and forwards to proponent for assignment of evaluator. A confirmation of suggestion received, an assigned suggestion number, the processing timeline, and instructions regarding how to submit inquiries is then sent to submitter.
  4. Proponents for policy, equipment or systems perform evaluations.
  5. CASCOM SMART tracks evaluation status, reviews evaluator recommendation, and notifies the submitter of suggestion review, recommendation and type of possible recognition.