CASCOM Forward


“CASCOM – Forward!” is a bi-monthly series of short videos (3-5 minutes) providing situational awareness to Sustainers across the Army covering current initiatives worked at CASCOM. This series of vignettes are led by CASCOM senior leaders accompanied by subject matter experts providing relevant information on a variety of topics.

Use cases

  • Staff Discussions
  • Officer Professional Development
  • NCO Professional Development
  • Brown bag lunch discussions
  • Operational unit updates


Enterprise Business Systems – Convergence (EBS-C)

Enterprise Business Systems – Convergence (EBS-C) is the Army’s business modernization and transformation effort to simplify, streamline, standardize and unify business operations while improving auditability. Brig. Gen. Michael Lalor, 43rd Chief of Ordnance, and Command Sgt. Maj. Jason Decker, Ordnance Corps CSM, discuss what EBS-C means for the Sustainment Enterprise and how it will help shape the Army of 2030.

Predictive Logistics

2023 is CASCOM’s year of Predictive Logistics, which is the primary modernization effort for the next year. Learn more from Maj. Gen. Mark T. Simerly, CASCOM commanding general and Command Sgt. Maj. Marco A. Torres, CASCOM CSM.

FM 4-0 Sustainment Operations

Watch as Maj. Gen. Mark T. Simerly, CASCOM commanding general and Mr. Rob Horneck, doctrine division chief, discuss the revision of FM 4-0, Sustainment Operations based on the publication of FM 3-0, Operations. The FM 4-0 revision expands on the roles, mission and functions that are required by the sustainment warfighting function to conduct multidomain operations in the Army strategic contexts of competition, crisis, and armed conflict. The Army and joint force must adapt and prepare for large-scale combat operations in highly contested, lethal operational environments where the enemy employs capabilities that rival or surpass our own. Sustainment units must operate effectively and survive in contested domains across all levels of warfare. The ability to sustain ourselves ensures that the Army, with its joint and multi-national partners, has the operational reach, freedom of action, and the endurance to execute campaigns.

The Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army (IPPS-A)

The Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army (IPPS-A), an online Human Resources PeopleSoft (9.2) solution, is the vehicle that allows the Army to transform from an industrial age personnel system to a 21st Century talent management system. IPPS-A integrates personnel and pay while providing three main capabilities: Total Force Visibility, Talent Management, and Auditability. Watch as Col. Chesley D. Thigpen, Adjutant General School Commandant, and Command Sgt. Maj. Tamika DeVeaux, Adjutant General Regimental Sgt. Maj., discuss the benefits and specifications within the program.

ASU Data Analytics

The Sustainment Enterprise relies on data for both tactical and strategic decisions. Sustainers must be able to use this data to rapidly gain understanding in a highly dynamic and connected environment. Watch as Ms. Sydney Smith, Army Sustainment University president, discusses how data literacy and analytics play into the Army Sustainment Warfighting Function.

Senior Transportation Operations Course (STOC)

COL Steven Riley, Assistant Commandant Transportation Corps, discusses the Senior Transportation Operations Course (STOC).

ALU Leadership Development Series (IDPS)

CPT Swindell, PME Instructor and CPT Estelle, Student, discuss Individual Development Plan (IDP) with respect to its purpose, intent, and outcome.

Digitization ROWPU Training Resources

COL Michelle K. Donahue, Quartermaster Commandant and Mr. Jose Hernandez, Director of Petroleum and Water Division, discuss QMS Virtual Training (Blended Learning).

Division Sustainment Brigades

MG Rodney Fogg, CASCOM Commander, and COL Sydney Smith, CASCOM FFID Director, discuss Division Sustainment Brigades.

Commander's Actionable Readiness Dashboard

MG Rodney Fogg, CASCOM Commander, and CW5 Jonathan Yerby, CASCOM Command Chief Warrant Officer, discuss the Commander's Actionable Readiness Dashboard. This GCSS-A capability, provides a visualization of equipment readiness for commander's and key leaders.

Next Generation Automatic Test System (NGATS)

BG Michelle Letcher, Commandant and Chief of Ordnance, and CW5 Danny Taylor, Chief Warrant Officer of the Ordnance Corps, discuss purpose and fielding of the Next Generation Automatic Test System.

Leader Follower System

BG James Smith, Chief of Transportation, discusses the Leader Follower system. Leader Follower is the Army's first effort to robotically and autonomously operate a Tactical Wheeled Vehicle (TWV) similar to platforms found on modern cars.

Platoon Leader Handbook

COL Aaron Stanek, Army Logistics University Commandant, and CPT Torres discuss the Logistics Platoon Leader Handbook. This quick reference provides a technical and tactical foundation upon which leaders can build skills through experiences and self-development.

Sustainment Professional Development

LTC John Mitchel, Logistics Proponency Branch Chief, and SGM Scott Yuras discuss professional development programs for sustainment leaders. These programs include a fully funded Masters of Supply Chain Management degree program and Industrial Based Broadening - Logistics which builds analytical skills using Army enterprise resource planning programs.

FM 1-0 Update

COL Marcus Motley, Commandant and Chief of the Adjutant General Corps, and CSM Robert Atkinson, Command Sergeant Major of the Adjutant General School discuss revision of HR doctrine in FM 1-0: Human Resources Support.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) 3D Printing

BG Michelle Letcher, Commandant and Chief of Ordnance, and CW5 Danny Taylor, Chief Warrant Officer of the Ordnance Corps, discuss additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing.

Logistics Enterprise Enhancement Platform (LEEP)

CW5 Jonathan Yerby, CASCOM Command Chief Warrant Officer, discusses the Logistics Enterprise Enhancement Platform (LEEP), an innovative sustainment tool which will enhance user interface, incorporate Artificial Intelligence, link supply performance to readiness, and perform mission-based forecasting.

Leader Development - Lifelong Assessments

CPT Gary Roach and CPT Victoria Jarzen, Army Logistics University (ALU) Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC) instructors, provide an overview of lifelong assessments as part of the Army's leader development program (Project Athena).