× The Department of Defense has a full appropriation for FY19 and is not directly affected by the partial shutdown.
Sustainment Center Of Excellence
Army Logistics University Ordnance School Quartermaster School Soldier Support Institute Transportation School
Command Priorities
  • Multi-Functional Culture
  • Broken Icons
  • Total Army Sustainment Readiness
  • Army Sustainment ERPs and Army Logistics Processes
  • Sustainment Doctrine
  • Future Battlefield and Re-prioritize Sustainment Materiel Acquisition
  • Field Army Readiness COP
  • Futures Command
  • Operationalize Command

CASCOM Youtube Channel CASCOM Command Overview


CASCOM is the Army's Sustainment Warfighting Function Lead.


CASCOM trains, educates, and grows adaptive total force sustainment professionals; develops and integrates innovative Army and Joint sustainment capabilities, concepts and doctrine to sustain Large Scale Ground Combat Operations (LSGCO).

Commanding General

Major General Fogg

Major General

Rodney D. Fogg