Sustainment Center Of Excellence
Army Logistics University Ordnance School Quartermaster School Soldier Support Institute Transportation School
2019 Sustainment Week

Command Priorities
  • Multi-Functional Culture
  • Broken Icons
  • Total Army Sustainment Readiness
  • Army Sustainment ERPs and Army Logistics Processes
  • Sustainment Doctrine
  • Future Battlefield and Re-prioritize Sustainment Materiel Acquisition
  • Field Army Readiness COP
  • Futures Command
  • Operationalize Command

CASCOM Youtube Channel CASCOM Command Overview


CASCOM is the Army's Sustainment Warfighting Function Lead.


CASCOM trains, educates, and grows adaptive total force sustainment professionals; develops and integrates innovative Army and Joint sustainment capabilities, concepts and doctrine to sustain Large Scale Ground Combat Operations (LSGCO).

Commanding General

Major General Fogg

Major General

Rodney D. Fogg