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Advise the CASCOM CG, and all subordinate Commanders on The Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) Program. Monitor the execution of the MEO program for CASCOM and all Commands, agencies, and activities under CASCOM jurisdiction. We will ensure equal and fair treatment of all military personnel, family members, and DA civilians without regards to race, color, sex (including gender identity and pregnancy), national origin, religion, or sexual orientation. This includes the use of disparaging terms and disparaging treatment based on any of the six basis of discrimination or hazing and bullying which may lead to a hostile work environment. The MEO Program formulates, directs, and sustains a comprehensive effort to maximize human potential and to ensure fair treatment for all Soldiers based solely on merit, performance, and potential in support of readiness. MEO philosophy is based on fairness, justice, and equity.

The goals of the MEO Program are to

(1) Build and maintain a cohesive, combat ready Army which is focused and determined to accomplish its mission.

(2) Provide support to Soldiers, both on and off-post, and within the limits of the laws of localities, states, and
     host nations.

(3) Ensure MEO exists for all Soldiers.

(4) Ensure every Soldier is treated with dignity and respect.

(5) Support commanders at all levels with MEO professionals and EO Leaders who are responsible for the execution
     of MEO policies in their units, organizations, and agencies.


Contact Us


1403 Mahone Ave,
Bldg 9028, Suite C
Fort Lee, VA 23801-1799

Phone Numbers:

24/7 MEO and Harassment response hotline:
(804) 691-6159

Program MEO Manager Installation NCOIC:
(804) 734-6601

(804) 734-6601

OD Schools MEO Advisor:
(804) 734-6625

ALU Schools MEO Advisor:
(804) 734-6596

QM Schools MEO Advisor:
(804) 734-6583

TC Schools MEO Advisor:
(804) 734-6596