Individual Training

Requires Blackboard login and course number search. To access, select the link to; sign into Blackboard; select the organization tab; type in ID to the left and select go.; select the double down arrow and select enroll.

eOrdnanceU Course ID eOrdnanceU Course Title
091_091-TPE_DL_2012_01_1_N:  Tactical Power Equipment Operation (Operator Certification I)
091_091-TPGE_2012_001_02_N:  Tactical Power/Grid Employment (Operator Certification III)
091_091-TPGE_2012_001_02D_N:  Tactical Power Grid Design (91D Power Planner Certification I)
091_091-TPGE_2012_001_04_N:  Power Generation and Distribution Planning:
091_102-94L10_LP_N 94L10 Avionic Communications Equipment Repairer (Reachback)
091_63D-CD9-234_N Maintain the Charging System on a M109A6 Howitzer


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