Individual Training - M4

To download and run the M4/M4 A1 training, use the following steps.

1.       Click here to download the NGRAIN Viewer. After downloading, install the viewer. (For reference, you can view the NGRAIN Viewer quick start guide by clicking this link.)

Note - you will need to right-click and open as Administrator to install. If you don't have Admin priviliges, please contact your System Administrator and request to install NGRAIN Viewer.

2.       Right click this link and select save target as. M4.

3.       Save this to a location on your computer you will be able to find.

4.       Unzip or extract the file. Right click on the file and select extract all.

5.       Open the extracted folder.

6.       Select the file named index.

7.       Please be patient - some of this product will take several minutes to load.


If it does not run, try the following setting in Internet Explorer:

1.       Open Internet explorer and select tools.

Instructions 1

2.       Select "Compatibility View Settings."

Instructions 2

3.       You will see a new widow for settings. Ensure the check box for ; Display all websites in Compatibility view is checked. Select close.

Instructions 3

4.       Go to the file on your computer and select the index file and the training should run.Open the extracted folder.


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