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CASCOM Policy Letters

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Policy Number

Prohibited Activities for Fort Lee Military Personnel during the COVID-19 National Emergency   General Order #1


Organizational Inspection Program (OIP)
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FY23 CASCOM Holiday Observances Policy   22-02
Military and Civilian Awards Policy
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Absent Missing Soldier Policy   22-04
The Right of Soldiers to Present Complaints or Request Assistance from the Inspector General (IG)
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The Right of Civilian Employees to Present Complaints or Request Assistance from the Inspector General (IG)
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The Soldier and Civilian IDP Policy
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HQ CASCOM FY22 Holiday Observances   21-08
Commanding General's Open Door Policy   21-11
Military Equal Opportunity (MEO), Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program and Harassment Prevention and Response Program   21-12
Equal Employment Opportunity Program   21-13
Withholding and Reservation of Authority to Dispose of Misconduct   21-14
Health Promotion, Risk Reduction, and Suicide Prevention   21-15
Initial Entry Training (IET) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Departure Process   21-16
Command Supply Discipline Program   21-17
Transportation Motor Pool General Services Administration Fleet Usage   21-18
Army Suitability Program   21-20
Freedom of Religion   21-21
Commercial Lodging Prohibition for Initial Entry Training (IET) Soldiers   21-22
Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)   21-23
General Brehon B. Somervell Coin-Medallion of Excellence   21-24
Casualty Operations Personnel Support   21-25
Military Funeral Honors (MFH) Personnel Support   21-26
Command Safety Philosophy   21-27
Risk Decision   21-28
Motorcycle Safety   21-29
Transition Assistance Program (TAP)   21-30
Electronic Cigarette/Vaping and Tobacco   21-31
Authority to Purchase and Present Military Coins   21-32
Retirement and Recognition Ceremonies   21-33
Expedited Transfer Requests   21-34
Acquisition Management Oversight (AMO) Contracting Workload Prioritization Program
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Government Purchase Card (GPC) Program
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Good Neighbor Award   21-37


OCONUS Travel Policy   20-02
CASCOM Distinguished Visitor Policy   20-04
Information Technology Procurement Policy   20-05
CASCOM G-1 Military Human Resource Division (MHRD)   20-07
Secretary of the General Staff (SGS) Administrative Actions Policy   20-08


Pregnancy-Postpartum Physical Training (P3T)   18-15
Army Body Composition Program   18-36

Additional Guidance




Emergency Action Plan (EAP)   Mar 2022
Assumption of Command   JUL 2021
CASCOM Award Checklist   FEB 2021
CASCOM Executive Operations SOP   OCT 2020
Foreign Disclosure Program   DEC 2018
Foreign Disclosure SOP   DEC 2018
Uniform Code of Military Justice (AR 27-10)   MAY 2016