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Civilian Logistics Career Management Office (CLCMO)


Serves as the executing agent for HQDA G-4 roles and supports the responsibilities of the Career Program Functional Chief, outlined in AR 690-950, Career Management. Additionally, manages the personnel development life-cycle functions as directed by AR 600-3, The Army Personnel Development System. The CLCMO provides life-cycle career management services to individuals in CPs 13, 17, and 24 to grow logisticians capable of operating and leading in a joint environment. In addition, the office manages the DA Logistics Recent Graduates (Intern) and the Pathways Internship Participants Program (PIPP).


Manages and executes the following programs:

(1) DA Logistics Recent Graduates (Intern) Program. Recruits, hires, trains and develops high-caliber individuals to perform as logisticians throughout Army. This 18 month program consists of functional, multifunctional, and interpersonal classroom and on-the-job training at activities throughout DoD.

(2) DA Logistics Competitive Professional Development Program. Provides university education, training, and professional development opportunities to develop an integrated, agile, and high-performing logistics workforce. This program serves to enhance the competencies of the enterprise logistician to succeed in a joint, interagency, and intergovernmental environment.

(3) Acquisition (life-cycle logistics). Influences certification requirements, policies, and guidance. Provides functional review of fulfillments packages, waivers, and certification equivalency requests.

(4) DA logistics career referral policies. Establishes policies for unique requirements for merit promotion announcements that increase career opportunities for DOD logisticians and provides a diverse pool of premier logisticians to the hiring official.

(5) OSD and DA Human Capital Strategies. Represents the DA logistics community in developing ODS and DA competency based human capital strategies.

CASCOM Civilian Career Management Guide (PDF)

Civilian Professional Development Survey EXSUM Final (Web) (PDF)

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