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Command Planning Group (CPG)


Provides planning, analysis, assessments and a wide range of written products to the CG, DtCG, CSM, and CofS in support of their assigned duties and responsibilities.


(1) Completes executive level support and correspondence for the command Group to include speeches/talking points, briefings, presentations, video teleconference support, and articles for publication. Ensures all products for Command Group and external audiences are accurate, and professionally prepared.

(2) Coordinates CG’s strategic vision/intent and message with the entire staff to ensure the CG’s message is consistent throughout CASCOM engagements. Captures and disseminates CG’s guidance and intent for the staff.

(3) Plans, coordinates, and prepares for the CASCOM Command Group attendance at all events to include Army two-star and higher level conferences.

(4) Gathers information, reviews, and conducts executive analysis of designated key staff actions and exercises quality control over the Command Group’s read-ahead.

(5) Provides an independent analysis of documentation sent to the Command Group.

(6) Maintains effective communication with HQ TRADOC and other DOD agencies as required.

(7) Coordinates strategic message and required article submission requirements of Sustainment Magazine to the CASCOM staff as required.

Contact Us

Mailing Address
Command Planning Group
2221 Adams Ave.
Building 5020
Fort Lee, VA 23801

Chief, CPG:
(804) 734-0212

Executive Assistant:
(804) 765-7027