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Office of the Inspector General (IG)

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Serves as a confidential, fair, and impartial advisor to the CG CASCOM. Inquires into and report upon matters pertaining to the performance of mission and state of the economy, efficiency, discipline, morale, training and readiness of CASCOM to include all activities on and off Fort Lee. Extends the CG’s eyes, ears, voice, and conscience throughout CASCOM.


(1) Assistance. Receives, inquires into, records, and responds to complaints or requests for assistance either brought directly to the IG or referred to the IG for action concerning matters related to the U.S. Army.
(2) Inspections. Conducts inspections as directed by the commander or as prescribed by law or regulation. Report inspection results to the directing authority complete with findings, applicable root causes, recommended solutions, and a recommended person/agency charged with implementing each solution. Serves as the Staff Proponent for the CASCOM Organizational Inspection Program (OIP).
(3) Investigations. Conducts fair, objective and impartial investigations and investigative inquiries as directed by the commander or as prescribed by law or regulation and provide a report of such investigations and inquiries to the directing authority.
(4) Teaching and training. Incorporates this function when conducting the other IG functions. Educate leaders, civilians and Soldiers on the IG system’s purpose, functions, methods, benefits, and constraints. Train Soldiers, civilians and leaders on Army standards, policy, and procedures.

The IG office is located in Bldg. 9028 on Mahone Ave between the PXTRA and the US Post Office.

IG office hours are:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 8:30- 4:30 p.m.
Thursday, 1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

The IG office is closed on weekends and holidays.

Customers do not have to make appointments; we are on a walk-in basis.

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Our Address

Office of the
Inspector General
1403 Mahone Ave, Bldg 9028
Fort Lee, VA 23801-1799
Phone: 804-765-1550

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