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Health Promotion, Risk Reduction, and Suicide Prevention   23-01
Military Equal Opportunity (MEO), Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program   23-02
Recruitment, Relocation and Retention Incentives   23-03
Security Holdovers
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Organizational Inspection Program (OIP)
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Foreign Disclosure (FD) Program
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Information Technology Procurement
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Absent Missing Soldier Policy   23-09


Military and Civilian Awards Policy
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The Right of Soldiers to Present Complaints or Request Assistance from the Inspector General (IG)
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The Right of Civilian Employees to Present Complaints or Request Assistance from the Inspector General (IG)
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The Soldier and Civilian IDP Policy
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FY24 CASCOM Holiday Observances Policy   22-09


Commanding General's Open Door Policy   21-11
Equal Employment Opportunity Program   21-13
Initial Entry Training (IET) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Departure Process   21-16
Command Supply Discipline Program   21-17
Transportation Motor Pool General Services Administration Fleet Usage   21-18
Army Suitability Program   21-20
Freedom of Religion   21-21
Commercial Lodging Prohibition for Initial Entry Training (IET) Soldiers   21-22
Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)   21-23
General Brehon B. Somervell Coin-Medallion of Excellence   21-24
Casualty Operations Personnel Support   21-25
Military Funeral Honors (MFH) Personnel Support   21-26
Command Safety Philosophy   21-27
Risk Decision   21-28
Motorcycle Safety   21-29
Transition Assistance Program (TAP)   21-30
Electronic Cigarette/Vaping and Tobacco   21-31
Authority to Purchase and Present Military Coins   21-32
Retirement and Recognition Ceremonies   21-33
Expedited Transfer Requests   21-34
Acquisition Management Oversight (AMO) Contracting Workload Prioritization Program
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Government Purchase Card (GPC) Program
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Good Neighbor Award   21-37


OCONUS Travel Policy   20-02
CASCOM Distinguished Visitor Policy   20-04
Secretary of the General Staff (SGS) Administrative Actions Policy   20-08

Additional Guidance




Supplement to AR 27-10   May 2023
Emergency Action Plan (EAP)   Mar 2022
Assumption of Command   JUL 2021
CASCOM Award Checklist   FEB 2021
Uniform Code of Military Justice (AR 27-10)   Nov 2020
Organization and Functions   Nov 2019


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