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The guidance outlined on this website helps ensure the Sustainment Community continues to build cohesive teams that emphasize Talent Management, Leader Development, and Stewardship of the Profession.

Mission Statement

The SLR enables shared understanding throughout the sustainment community to continue building cohesive teams that emphasize Warfighting, Delivering Ready Combat formations, Continuous Transformation, and Strengthening the Profession.

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  • The U.S. Army emphasizes the development of cohesive teams in its "People First" initiative, recognizing that its greatest asset is its people. Cohesive teams foster trust, inclusivity, and a strong sense of belonging among team members. Through targeted training, mentorship, and well-being programs, the Army ensures efficient operations, resilience in adversity, and adaptability to rapid changes. The "People First" initiative empowers everyone to contribute to the greater mission by creating a dynamic and supportive community.

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  • Readiness is enduring and the primary focus of all Sustainment NCOs. On behalf of the Warfighter, this ensures freedom of action, extends operational reach and tempo, and prolongs operational endurance while increasing lethality across widely dispersed forces during Large-scale Combat Operations (LSCO).

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  • The Army Modernization Strategy (AMS) describes how the Total Army - Regular Army, National Guard, Army Reserve, and Army Civilians - will transform into a multi-domain force by 2035, meet its enduring responsibility as part of the Joint Force to provide for the defense of the United States, and retain its position as the globally dominant land power.

    Continuous Transformation
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  • Create, advance, and sustain lifelong learning opportunities for Sustainment NCOs to empower and strengthen their confidence serving across echelons and in future civilian employment. Education is the key element to ensure NCOs remain relevant throughout the different positions they will serve in during their career.

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