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DCGs Mobilization


As principal advisors to the CG for all ARNG and USAR affairs, the Deputy Commanding Generals (Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve), direct, coordinate, and review all Reserve Components (RC) support to the command as well as all actions of the command which impact the training, equipping, deployability, and readiness of RC sustainment units and personnel. Each promotes total force integration of capabilities, concepts, and doctrine for their respective commands and serves as the principal liaison between their commands and CASCOM. They direct, coordinate, and review all actions of the command that impact DOTMLPF. The DCGs synchronize ARNG and USAR priorities, policy guidance, and resources with the CG and align all ARNG and USAR Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) staff efforts accordingly.


Be known as the premier RC/ARNG sustainment commander's advocate for all matters pertaining to leader development, mission command/enterprise information systems, force development, training and career management.


They manage ARNG and USAR tables of distribution and allowances (TDA) billets and approve ARNG and USAR personnel actions, including Active Duty Operational Support, One Time Occasional Tours, and AGR requirements. Additionally, the DCGs: determine assignment and utilization of AGR and mobilized ARNG Soldiers and validate Active Duty Operational Support (ADOS) requirements for USAR Soldiers at CASCOM to ensure utilization is consistent with Command guidance; serve as approval authority for USAR/ARG structure modifications in advance of submission to the United States Army Reserve Command (USARC) and TRADOC, USAR DCG; approve rating schemes of all USAR/ARNG personnel assigned to CASCOM; and ensure utilization of AGRs is consistent with the DARNG, CAR, and Army personnel guidance.

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