Transportation Division


Develop all Transportation Corps (TC) AC/RC/NG individual training products except as noted previously, in support of the Chief of Transportation (COT), the Transportation School and field units.

Transportation Wheel

Our Team

The Transportation Division is divided into two branches:

Highway / Rail Movements Branch

Marine / Terminal Operations Branch

Training Developers

The Transportation Division training developer serves as a CMF 88-series training developer/writer. They also perform job and task analysis on collective/individual tasks, design training products, develop TATS courseware for AC/RC, develop/review testing and training materials, validate training products, perform liaison and coordination tasks, conduct field training observations, and assist in evaluation of instructional methods.


    (1) Coordinate training development priorities with the Trans School.

    (2) Develop and field all Trans TD products IAW TR 350-70 and applicable CASCOM policies.

    (3) Develop training strategies to optimize training productivity and effectiveness. Coordinate with the TTD to ensure effective use of learning technologies in support of training strategies.

    (4) Provide developed training materials to respective institutions for review and validation of content and subject matter.

    (5) Conduct periodic IPRs with AC/RC/NG training institutions to review course curriculum.

    (6) Conduct job and task analysis and task selection boards for each proponent course with appropriate agencies or training institutions.

    (7) Coordinate CAD and POI with respective training institutions to identify resource requirement for the FY SMDR and review of manpower processes for the Trans School.

    (8) Update POIs as needed based on feedback from formal analysis, field reports, after action reviews, and training surveys administered by the L2/CTC for the Trans School.

    (9) Develop and manage POIs for the Trans School.

    10) Develop lesson plans for the Trans School.

    (11) Maintain TRAS source documentation and instructional publications and resource trade-off documentation.

    (12) Participate in the Trans Institutional Training Management Board.

    (13) Prepare input to contract strategies, statements of work and related documents for individual training products; ensure that contractor-developed materials are in compliance with the terms of the contract.

TDD Organization Chart