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In-Transit Visibility (ITV)


  • Truck and InterrogatorIn-Transit Visibility (ITV) is a capability that uses Radio Frequency (RF)/Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) and is designed to provide the logistics customer with maximum visibility and near real-time status on the movement of all classes of supply.
  • It identifies, locates, and tracks the movement of all classes of supply from source of supply to user.
  • ITV is the fusion of logistics information and distribution technologies for rapid crisis response, deployment and sustainment.
  • It provides decision makers at all levels of command and throughout the logistics pipeline with accurate, near real-time data to collaboratively plan, prioritize and redirect logistics operations.
  • ITV provides the capability to track and shift units, equipment, and supplies that are en route.
  • The use of ITV allows the delivery of tailored logistics packages directly to the Warfighter.

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