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Decision & Network Capabilities Division


Serve as the HQ CASCOM lead for all combat development user activities associated with the Army’s emerging Common Operating Environment (COE). This environment includes currently fielded systems (i.e. JCR LOG and JBC-P LOG) in conjunction with the merging of joint dynamic warfighter decision support tools in the command post, mounted, and Soldier hand-held environments in support of the TRADOC Capability Manager for Sustainment MC. Develop TRADOC deliverables along timelines to meet system milestones and ensure all aspects of training are synchronized with the fielding of Sustainment Segment of the COE. Manage JBCP life cycle development. Sustainment Mission Command Division consists of two branches - Future Combat Systems and Command Post Branch.


  • Provide total system management and integration of all DOTMLPF considerations as they pertain to COE.
  • Monitor and synchronize all aspects of total system development, testing and evaluation, corrective actions, acquisition, materiel release, and fielding, ICW the program, project, and product managers and materiel developers (MATDEVs).
  • Propose refinement of system requirements in the CDD ICW the proponents. Defend JBCP-LOG system requirements at all levels of the HQDA and DOD.
  • Serve as the CASCOM lead in decision reviews, IPRs, ASARCs, AROC, JROC, and Defense Acquisition Boards for assigned systems ICW TRADOC FC. Provide user input for documentation of these reviews.
  • Identify and prioritize system hardware and software deficiencies to the MATDEV for corrective action. Review and evaluate proposed actions and engineering change proposals to ensure that user requirements are adequately addressed.
  • Provide for system improvements through preplanned product improvements, System Enhancement Program, Service Life Extension Program, and recapitalization effort ICW the MATDEV
  • Crosswalk and reconcile concepts and CCPs to CDD requirements to the request for proposal materiel specifications, ensuring the acquisition strategy meets user needs.
  • Develop maneuver sustainment concepts, CCPs, and doctrine that are integrated into the design and development of information systems required to support the Army’s future force.

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