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Sustainment Business System Integration


Directs and integrates all capability development and user activities associated with enterprise and sustainment mission command systems and capability areas and contributes to sustaining full-spectrum operations (FSO) in a JIIM environment. Represents CASCOM in all matters of sustainment automation design, development, testing, fielding, and sustainment and coordinates with the DOD, Joint Staff, ACOM, TRADOC Program Integration Office, Army Mission Command (MC) and other joint or interagency organizations to ensure effective integration into the MC. Ensures automated sustainment solutions for multifunctional sustainment capability gaps are identified, documented, programmed by and properly fielded. This includes the automated capabilities related to supply (including ammunition), maintenance, property accounting, transportation and distribution, and related financial accounting and human resources.



The Directorate consists of three Divisions: Decision and Network Capabilities Division, Logistic Architecture and Documentation Division, and the Logistic Enterprise System Division.



(1) Monitors and synchronizes all aspects of total system design, development, testing, fielding, and sustainment including direct interaction with DoD, ASA (ALT), HQDA G4, the Program Executive Office, Program Manager and development activities of allied and interfacing trading partners, Joint and Army test community, and the fielded ACOM, ASCC, and DRU commands.

(2) Participates in both capability and materiel development. Included in these efforts are design, development, testing, fielding, and sustainment. Also included are system concept analyses; cost performance tradeoff; and cost analyses by providing detailed warfighting capability impact of specific system characteristics and concepts of operation.

(3) User representative for sustainment Mission Command and Business systems. Prepares TRADOC position on and obtains approval, and participates in decision reviews (In Progress Review/Army Systems Acquisition Review Council/Army Requirements Oversight Council/Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC)/Defense Acquisition Board) and Business Process Reengineering for assigned systems.

(4) Functional lead for definition, design, test development, fielding and sustainment of logistics systems.

(5) Supports information management aspects of sustainment battle lab and concept evaluation prototype initiatives designed to define sustainment enterprise systems requirements.

(6) Primary POC for the identification, analysis, review, and documentation of sustainment communications requirements.

(7) Maintains partnership for architecture responsibilities with Army integrated logistics architecture (AILA) in coordination with ARCIC and LIA for sustainment enterprise systems.