Program Integration Office (PIO)


Provides centralized integration and operations support across DOTMLPF-P areas within FFID. Analyzes DOD, HQDA, TRADOC, and joint guidance, plans, policies, and initiatives to synchronize FFID actions.


Ensures required capabilities and associated gaps are analytically supported and DOTMLPF-P solutions are properly coordinated, synchronized, and integrated across the sustainment warfighting function. Provides military and civilian administrative and logistical support; conducts and reports programmatic analysis; supports the development of manpower and fiscal requirements; integrates information technology; provides logistics analysis of capstone Army, Joint, and DOD plans. Manages the implementation of FFID initiatives. Provides Army logistics transformation ensuring the synchronization of CASCOM related actions with TRADOC, AMC, AFC (specifically FCC/Sustainment CDID), Army, and Joint Staff. Manages FFID tasking’s, personnel actions, and position management tasks.

Receives suggestions, assigns appropriate evaluators, ensures timely evaluation, informs suggestion providers of evaluation, tracks awards, and promotes the benefits of the Supply and Maintenance Assessment and Review Team (SMART) program throughout the Army.

Identifies all FFID operational requirements and works the synchronization and integration of actions with appropriate organizations. Collects, validates, maintains, and disseminates Army sustainment planning factors, consumption rates, and data. Maintains force requirements generator model configuration and coordinates model enhancements with Center for Army Analysis (CAA).

Plans and coordinates collection, validation, and development of sustainment planning data and factors with other ACOMs and DRUs. Provides Army sustainment planning factors to all DOD, joint, and Army activities (to include acquisition programs and DOD-sponsored contractors) as required. HQDA G-4 lead for all Army sustainment planning factors and the development and implementation of the operations logistics planner, a multi-echelon, user-driven sustainment planning tool.

Organizational Chart


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