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Administrative Law Division



The Administrative Law Division provides legal advice and support to commanders and staff in a variety of areas. These include civilian personnel and labor law, contract and fiscal law, environmental law, federal litigation, the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts, the Joint Ethics Regulation and Federal ethics laws, military administrative law (e.g., 15-6 investigations, line of duty investigations, and reports of survey), and military personnel law.

  • We will not issue verbal legal opinions.
  • We will not issue legal opinions except ot commanders and staff principals, appointed investigating officers, and other duly authorized points of contact.
  • If you need assistance, please send your request and/or questions to the following email:

Admin Law




Ethics & Standards of Conduct

AR 15-6, "Procedures For Administrative Investigations and Boards of Officers"

AR 735-5, "Property Accountability Policies"

DA PAM 735-5, "Property Accountability Procedures and Financial Liability Officers Guide"

AR 600-8-4, "Line of Duty Policy, Procedures and Investigations"

DA PAM 27-17, "Procedural Guide for Article 32 Preliminary Hearing Officer"
Current DoD Online Ethics Training Module

Financial Disclosure Management (OGE 450)

Employees' Guide to the Standards of Conduct

JER 5500.7-R, "Joint Ethics Regulation"
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Gifts and Funding

Post-Government Employment

AR 600-29, "Fundraising in Dept. of the Army"

Post-Government Employment Questionnaire

Post-Government Employment Restrictions

Procurement Integrity Act Restrictions