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Military Justice Division

Hours of Operation

Monday - Wednesday & Friday, 0800-1630; Thursday 1300 - 1630


The Military Justice Division provides legal advice and regulatory guidance to commanders and their staff elements regarding adverse administrative actions, nonjudicial punishment actions, Courts-Martial, and other military disciplinary issues.

The Division is also designated and responsible for the Victim Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) for all commands under this general court-martial convening authority's jurisdiction. The Victim Witness Liaison Officer serves as facilitator and coordinator for the VWAP and primary point of contact through which victims and witnesses obtain information and assistance in securing available services.


Manual For Courts Martial (2016)

AR 27-10, "Military Justice"

DA Form 2823, "Sworn Statement"

DA Form 3881, "Rights Warning"

DD Form 2707, "Confinement Order"

DA Form 5112, "Confinement Checklist"
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AR 600-20, "Army Command Policy"

AR 600-8-2, "Susp. of Favorable Personnel Actions"

AR 600-8-19, "Enlisted Promotions and Reductions"

AR 600-8-24, "Officer Transfers and Discharges"

AR 635-200, "Active Duty Enlisted Admin. Separations"