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Claims Department

Hours of Operation

Monday - Wednesday & Friday, 0800 - 1630; Thursday 1300-1630


The Claims Department adjudicates claims from Soldiers, their family members, and eligible DoD employees for damage to or loss of property during government shipment or storage and for certain other instances of damage or loss that are incident to service. The Department also adjudicates claims for personal injury or damage to property cause by the negligent acts or omissions of government personnel. In addition, the Department pursues affirmative claims against household goods carriers for damage to property and against third parties who damage government property or cause injury to Soldiers or their family members resulting in medical care at government expense.


House Hold Goods (HHG) Claims


Personnel Claims


Article 139

Instructions and Forms


Extraordinary Hazards - Theft and Vandalism


Article 139 claim form

HHG Claims Checklist


What is an unusual occurrence?


Article 139 info Paper

DD Form1842 Instructions


Ice, snow, wind and rain


DD Form 1842


Lightning, power surge and power outage


DD Form 1844 Instructions


Hit and Run


DD Form 1844


Statements Provided by Claimant


Electronic Damage Affidavit


Repair Estimate Form


Household Goods Claims - Deadlines


Full Replacement Value Program


File Your Claim Yourself


Household Goods Claim - Filing Instructions