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Claims Department


The Claims Department adjudicates claims from Soldiers, their family members, and eligible DoD employees for damage to or loss of property during government shipment or storage and for certain other instances of damage or loss that are incident to service. The Department also adjudicates claims for personal injury or damage to property cause by the negligent acts or omissions of government personnel. In addition, the Department pursues affirmative claims against household goods carriers for damage to property and against third parties who damage government property or cause injury to Soldiers or their family members resulting in medical care at government expense.

Personnel Claims

Authority for personnel claims was enacted by The Military Personnel and Civilian Employees Claims Act also known as The Personnel Claims Act (PCA), 31 U.S.C. §3271, as implemented by AR 27-20, Chapter 11 and DA PAM 27-162, Chapter 11. Generally these claims include claims for damage to personal property of Soldiers and DA Civilians incident to their service. Starting Jul 5, 2017, Army personnel claims are centrally processed and adjudicated at the U.S. Army Center for Personnel Claims Support (CPCS) also known as the Military Claims Office (MPO); which is located at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

The Center for Personnel Claims Support (CPCS) ABC’s of claims flyer, dated October 24, 2019 (Ver. 7), - linked below - will provide further information on household goods claims, Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) shipment claims, and claims incident to service.

ABC of claims flyer

The CPCS PCLAIMS website provides further information regarding your claim.


If both links listed above are down and you still need to contact the CPCS*, please do so at the following:

U.S. Army Center for Personnel Claims Support (CPCS)
Building 1310, Pike Hall
50 Third Qvenue, Suite 307A
Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121-5230
Phone: 502-626-3000
DSN: 536-300
Fax: 502-626-1320

*CPCS Office Hours are Monday-Friday at 0730-1630 EST. CPCS is closed on all holidays and weekends.

Article 139 Claims

Article 139 is an administrative provision under the UCMJ that provides a means of restitution for victims of theft or wilful damage by a Soldier. Any individual (civilian, local national or military), business entity, or non-profit organization may file such a claim. Article 139 does not apply to claims for property damage resulting from negligence (such as traffic accidents), or for death or personal injury.

Generally, an Article 139 claim must be submitted in writing within 90 days of the loss or damage. The time allowed to file a claim can be extended for good cause, which includes not knowing about Article 139 recovery rights. Article 139 claims, however, should be filed and processed as quickly as possible to ensure valid claims are paid before the Soldier is no longer in the service and no longer subject to military pay withholding.

Article 139 claim form

Article 139 information Paper