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Logistics Enterprise Systems Division


Maintain current Sustainment Information Systems (SIS) through their sunset and ensure they remain relevant and capable of supporting our Soldiers and Civilians during current operations, while concurrently developing and fielding the Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army), an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.


  • Serve as the capability developer and user representative responsible for maintaining SIS to include AIT/ITV functional requirements and enhancements.  
  • Serve as the capability developer for functional input to Materiel Developer strategies for below-the-national level of supply testing, data conversion, and sustainment support for current and emerging logistics enterprise systems.
  • Develop functional content for the Business Case Lifecycle process consisting of Problem Statement and Business Case Analysis documents for automated sustainment business systems.
  • Develop the structure, staffing, and deployment of the Sustainment Automation Support Management Office (SASMO). Provide tactics, techniques, and procedures; mission statements; assistance; and guidance to other activities and field users for the proper utilization of SASMO in the force.
  • Coordinate the requirements for and development of AIT/ITV capabilities for the SIS and automated sustainment business systems. Requirements and development must take into consideration both present SIS as well as emerging ERP solutions for forward and backward compatibility.
  • Conduct DOTMLPF-P assessments and feasibility studies on merging requirements as well as new equipment and technologies planned for existing SIS/ERP solutions.
  • Assess, research, and determine appropriate solutions and workarounds for user submitted help desk tickets for SIS and GCSS-Army.
  • Serve as user representative in the blueprinting process for emerging ERP modules and capabilities for GCSS-Army.
  • Maintain system configuration management for SIS and GCSS-Army through the scheduling and chair Baseline Configuration Control Boards and Configuration Control Boards with HQDA G4, the Material Developer and the User Community.